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    Sandals wrote:
    Talking about the likelyhood’s of things happening i think another aspect is the way the people attending the party act too. For instance if you vandalise everything in sight, make un-necessary noise so as to disturb residential areas and poke fun at the police by throwing objects and insults .. Then they are more likely to take action and impose things such as what BioTech listed
    It winds me up a treat when party goers disrespect their surroundings and other people – police or not.

    and if people are a bit considerate it can count in their favour

    A few years ago there was a party in an old council owned building where the janitor turned up just as as everyone was clearing up… it was a bit trashed but that was more because local kids had already been in there and now everyone was picking up the rubbish..

    he wasn’t sure quite what to expect, he looked at some people carrying out binbags and scratched his head as the bags belonged to a diffrent council area many miles away

    so he went in and spoke to the organisers… and came out smiling and laughing, saying “you lot actually have left this place cleaner than when I left it a few months ago”…

    then the cops arrived, and the janitor bloke spoke to them and sent them away (he was satisfied no crime had been committed) and then went off himself and left everyone to go home in peace..