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    starlaugh wrote:
    Yeah out on Saturday i met up with a local lad to me me who was very proud of the fact that last time (his actual first time) at a free party, that he threw bottles at the police when they appeared to shut it down.

    The party was mentioned on here a few times and videos shown of it getting shut down.

    He was also saying he hoped to see the police as he wanted to repeat himself to them….. :you_crazy

    No need at all…. a little politeness and respect can get you a long way :groucho:

    That fucking well pissed me off!

    My mate got battered cas he was in wrong place at wrong time .. and i saw an innocent girl get hit with a sheild ..

    All because pricks where throwing things and it got the cops riled!!

    people will justify it and say “yea but the police pepper sprayed ppl first” .. so fucking what .. dont escalate the situation, you are never going to win!