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@Tek Offensive 402585 wrote:

well hifi systems are made for quality (compared to pa which is for volume and other factors as well as quality) over volume as such, altho theyll still go loud for indoors, they also dont need to cater for 100+ people, so they dont have to use materials that can handle as much and instead go for softer more responsive ones such as woven kevlar woofers or silk dome tweeters

with hifi you only go for what you need, ie not a massive bass bin and tops that shakes you house,

you can spend loads on ‘hifi’ , you could easily spend much more than a grand on cables if you go to some places, and some people will spend huge amounts on theyre seperate hifi system because its meant to sound better ( and then put it in an acousticaly shit living room!) because someone in a shop says its better, things like ‘directional’ cable are meant to improve quality in theory but really cant make much difference at all, my mates dad for example has spent about 7000 on his system and it sounds brilliant, but no better than a pair of 600 pound genelic monitors.

monitors all the way imo, simple and very clear, hifi’s a waste of time and money and if its not going to be used outdoors or for small events then so is shoving a load of pa gear into a bedroom.

cheers matey a most comprehensive answer. Do monitors come with a built in amp then? would they sound good for non dance type music?