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little luke
    DontBeliveTheHype!;267038 wrote:
    ah i only know about 2 and recently saw somthing about a third in the making .. mby i am just behind the times and saw some old web site …

    There was Dummy and Portishead, and then a live album recorded with a full orchestra at the NYC Roseland Ballroom (I think), the title being something similar, which is amazing, and then last year they released the third studio album after a ten year year break, aptly titled Third.

    I saw Portishead in December 2007 at the ATP Nightmare Before Chrstmas festival. It was the first time they’d played a gig in 10 years – they’d played on the Friday and Saturday nights, I saw them on the Saturday (got there too late on the Friday). It was spine-tingling hearing them play so many classic songs that I’d let slip to the back of my mind. My friend saw them both nights and said the Saturday was better. I’ve a recording of the Saturday somewhere, I’ll upload it.