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    Leftfield – Leftism
    I have spent many a trip on many different drugs listening to this album. Theres stuff as relaxing as Melt – Leftfield – Melt. [HQ] – YouTube for when your on a comedown, and just chilling. Spent many a comedown smoking a joint to that song to unwind. Works every time. Theres also space shanty, for when you really want to have it raaaraaaraaa

    Also, Queens of the Stone age – Over the Years and Through the Woods
    Now, this has possibly my favourite song of all time on it – You Cant Quit me Baby [Live] Queens of the Stone Age – You Can't Quit Me Baby – YouTube Josh Homme is one fucking excellent guitarist. The tangents he goes off on are just crazy.. Also got shit as sexy as this; QOTSA – 10 – I Wanna Make It wit Chu LIVE HD – YouTube skip to 26 seconds. Listen to the whole thing, the solo near the end/middle is crazy sexy.