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its difficult when you move areas too, moved from Reading to Ipswich 7 years ago and trying to make new friends when you are well into your 30s is even harder than when you are younger (I do look younger than my age which helps but hanging around with far younger friends in a crowd what takes drugs gets you judged here and unfortunately that is understandable given some recent incidents).

TBH since I’ve been learning to drive I’ve had far more “excitement” than I’ve ever wanted – I’m not turning into Jeremy Clarkson crossed with Mr Toad by any means and I’m starting to enjoy it now and want to get my license as soon as I can as I never did this when younger – but especially being in a lower powered car with L plates its really shown how many oafs, idiots and psychopaths are on the roads these days. Some people clearly do not care for their own safety and they really are a danger to others…