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I left public service in 2006 because the alternative was either trying to compete for a job at somewhere like Fujitsu as a private worker (as all IT was being outsourced) or transfer up North to UK Border Agency, neither of which I particularly wanted to do… the most “interesting” opportunity then would have been joining Ofcom at Baldock to track down radio interference sources but even that would have meant a pay cut from what I was getting at the time and moving to the middle of nowhere..

These days when folk age moan about the poor quality of public services I have little sympathy for those what supported privatisation (I do know a lot of people who back in the day protested against it and have respect for them) but there are too many people what bitterly despise paying taxes for anything they “might not use” (i.e to help out someone else).

Although mainland North Europe is slightly better in that respect, there are plenty of middle aged people who will extol the virtues of life in Holland, Germany or Denmark, from all the way over in the USA, and when you ask them “well why did you emigrate?” they say “cost of living/taxes”…