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    i’ve been to new york, south carolina, new mexico, utah, wyoming and colorado but the family live in denver so i spend most of my time in colorado. new mexico was my favourite (but the hottest), they seemed to have just a load of native americans loitering around, it was a nice change from the scummy chavs around here. hoping to head out there again in the summer 😀 i wish i could get out there in a month for the superbowl but college is a bitch.

    it’s difficult to get residency in america, i think if you have a criminal record then you’re screwed, especially for drug offences. but it’s a lovely place, the mountains are wonderful. i want just a little woodland house by the side of a lake in the mountains where i can retreat and paint :O that would be my dream. i agree with needing to get away from this country. i bet san diego is awesome! haven’t made it as far as california but it must be so pretty.

    Nice! Wish I had seen that much of it, plan to do a road trip drive across it type thing one day. Nice big cadalac or something.

    I have no criminal record so that’s all good. San Diego was okay, very business like (went with my dads company). Wouldn’t want to live there.