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    @General Lighting 389211 wrote:

    if the chain is being dumped off the chainring (cranks) it may mean it and the rest of the drivetrain is knackered. if its shifting incorrectly the derallieur limit screws need to be adjusted

    I replaced a entire drivetrain (chain and freewheel block) on the e-bike a couple of weeks ago (it was quite a mission and a fiddly job, more so as e-bikes have a cable going through the axle..)

    I think it just needs oiling and adjustment but I am unsure. Sometimes when you put a lot of force on the peddle the chain seems to slip off the grear and I nearly hit a tree. Its not all the time and its not because I am trying to change gear or anything? any ideas?

    bare in mind its 150 quid bike so its not great, if I keep it up I will get a nicer bike next year rather than replacing lots of parts. Got a free road bike too off parents dad. not got it yet but it looks nice and old school.