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    I hate the way some morons drag up their children. I try and teach my boys who are 5 to be gentle, caring and considerate. like boys should be. her two doors along has no teeth, only limited comprehension and has a ‘boy’ who is also 5.
    today this boy said in front of his latest ‘dad’ who is not much older than his oldest sister, talking about my boys :

    “those boys are fucking pussies, you say boo to them and they fucking shit them selves”

    incase his new dad, my girl and my boys hadn’t heard he repeated him self 3 more times word for word. the new dad just ignored it. so did my girl cause she was so shocked.

    this kid is morally, socially and physically stunted. “failure to thrive” is what social workers call it. a car crash at 5 years old. she just sits about drinking and smoking weed all day with her skanky palls. locks him out the house. makes me sick.
    people who always put their own selfish needs infront of the needs of their children make me sick. if you live with kids they should always be the first priority in the house.
    sad thing is the mum probably dosen’t know any better she’s just making more fuckups like her and her palls.
    thats my rant. fucking scum bag parents.
    aahh! now i can be happy again:love: