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    @extraslim 435268 wrote:

    I just find it hard to count people I talk mostly crap to on a rave forum as the kind of friendship that means much. Its nice to have people to talk to who have a brain. But it doesn’t feel like any kind of real friendship. But then again I dont feel much of a bond with few people I have known since school either so god knows.

    a lot of “friends” I know just talk crap to each other in real life.. and too much emphasis is placed on being extroverted and “American” ideas of friendship what come from movies/idiot box.. (in fact extroverts friendships can be quite shallow).

    I know what you mean but time and distances become increasingly a problem these days. There are times I wish it was like I was back in Reading when there always was a squat to go to or a party or someones house to chill at or do mad stuff with computers and electronic things (loads of us were techie/hacker types) which isn’t as much present here so genuine online friends become more important. There are good reasons why we keep the chat friendly here and stomp hard on those what try to disrupt it..