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    @Chrispydelic 490990 wrote:

    Aw, go on. We’re all friends here.

    And er, photos you say?

    yeah dude… lol photo has many said candidates from this convo.

    ex best mate, ex gf, said girl who’s ‘my little’ with me touching her lol… oh dayyyuuummm man she’s such a bitch…

    i went to my friends house, got him on mephe, then began inviting a load of people over… ended up a giant house party (i always do this!!) so i instigated some group photos. i think all my instigation is where all this p0ly love comes from, i can instigate so well they know i can instigate a fucking good n proper…

    form an orderly queue ladies….

    but seriously if you wanna see the photos of all my life temptations it can be arranged lol