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    even the Tories aren’t that daft – what they will do is tolerate travellers who are genuinely working (many work on roads etc) and dont’ cause any shit but bust ones what are breaking any sort of law. My area is supposed to be zero tolerance but I know a lot of travellers what are allowed to park up on places with the permission of the property owner.

    the speed freak squatters I knew (who used needles as well) were actually quite good people who would never trash a place, there was this girl what was sort of “in charge” and she used to do fuckloads of speed and then go on big cleaning missions, you could have ate your tea off the floor of some of the buildings they had.

    there were occasionally squatters near where process lives but sadly some of their friends did trash the buildings they were in.

    as for the tolerated travellers site, it can take years for anything to get built if the money isn’t there.