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@1984 365244 wrote:

Everything is rubbish at the moment didn’t leave the house all last week didn’t leave it at the weekend and wont be leaving it over the week. Have no money until the 2nd coming Wednesday. Felt so miserable I went to bed at 6pm woke up at 9 and now will be up all ruddy night with nothing to do.

Cant stop reading about my old best mate from school who is now at Oxford doing very well, which, while I am over the moon for him, makes me feel even more like my life is some kind of running joke.

My memory seems to be really messed up and I cant work out of that’s because of the 7 years of daily pot, the large binges of K and other rugs over the past 2 years or my medication.

I could go on, but I cant be bothered. Stupid world.

happiness and forfillment comes from within, you must find it somehow.

even the most successful/rich people in the world are troubled/sad.