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    @1984 368219 wrote:

    fearful of people the outside world and everything in it. Have real trouble going to sainsburys on my own and iv been going to it for 6 years.

    I sort of have this problem, I fucking hate going into any kind of shop these days, even stuff I used to like such as gadget/computer shops.

    in my case not so much fear, I’m not exactly frightened (even if I may come across as nervous) but the whole fucking consumer thing pisses me off and I want to do inappropriate stuff like knocking over displays, making animal noises etc, riding a trolly reckelssly down the aisles but I know this will just get me sectioned..

    might not be anything wrong with you, just the atmosphere in the town and you being sensitive to it. thats what I think it is with me and I just force myself to do it now and then..