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    @1984 368197 wrote:

    Anxiety sucks. I miss having friends and I miss being able to leave the house without being scared to hell. Life is crap. That is all.

    whilst I wouldn’t say I’m “scared” as such since moving away from Reading I’ve found myself going from visiting friends every other day to all my mates being miles and miles away and also having busy lifes. not so bad in summer as I can cycle to visit them

    Also all my local mates are now half my age and I get paranoid that cops and even the younger people wonder “why does this old dude still go raving and hang around with “kids”, he should be married/settled down, is he a dealer or just a wierdo?”

    I know it wasn’t suposed to matter on the party scene and its not so bad in the countryside but the cops since 2006 are always seeing dodgy people my age group prey on the youth so you can’t blame them for spreading the fear, so I’ve been drifting away frmo people a bit…