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The IRA let off many more than 5 bombs a year when I was growing up and even managed to assasinate several politicians. Although there are less bombs today no one won in the end, there is still bitterness and the peace process is fragile.

@MisterDuck 367876 wrote:

On the same day there was tens of thousands of people marched in Belfast for peace in Northern Ireland, as a protest to recent paramilitary activity. This union from both sides of the conflict got barely any coverage, yet 25 odd protesters did. Also, there were two other soldiers parades on the same day, which passed without any trouble.

This is more because since devolution NI is treated by the London-based media as “foreign”. (So is Scotland!) Its also still classed as a theatre of war and a dangerous area for the purposes of the media so most of the journos what would report from there are in “iraqistan”.

Most of the former paramilitaries what haven’t got nicked (and some who have) have turned or returned to criminal activity particularly with the economic downturn and NI still being blighted by the Troubles. I have been monitoring the recent resurgence in violence and there are young lads what weren’t even born when it first kicked off willingly and knowingly getting involved.

if/when the recession bites further there, if the govt and society do not respond quickly I wouldn’t rule out a return to the bad old days.