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    I’d agree avoid watching mainstream channels, but modern sets usually have a variety of connections to which you can often connect a computer and use it as a second display.Unless you live in a mansion house you can get away with a long cable for VGA, HDMI and composite/S-video (if anyone still uses that, though you may encounter it on older computers) so even a desktop on a different floor can feed the tellly and CPC farnell in Leeds are selling these off cheap.


    Thus you can get far better things on the screen such as youtube videos, your own films you have made, psychedelic visualisations etc. The test card came from a laptop via HDMI – I was cursing the poor quality of a BBC news channel and this proved it was Auntie mangling the colour range and the set is capable of far better). Also static outdoor night vision CCTV cameras are suprisingly cheap nowadays, if you have a garden put one at ground level (where cats/foxes/badgers/mice/rats/hedgehogs are) and you can have your own nature channel 😉 (birds require more expensive kit, knowledge of where they are and care not to disturb their nests/harass them, as you can get arrested!)

    You probably allready know this, but DVI and HDMI are exactly the same except HDMI carries sound as well.