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@hat 450342 wrote:

if she lets him stay then i’m just going to have to move out, get a job and forget about a degree. i’m not joking about anymore, i can’t live under the same room as that atrocious man. he had a go at me cos he found some k in my room 8 months ago (which was in my underwear drawer so i’m not sure how he came across it?) and then had a go at me. and i told him that he does drugs and is an alcoholic so how can he tell me what to do and after trying to deny it, he said “i can do drugs because i’m older than you”. what a tit.

If I was you I’d just suck it up and put up with it till you’ve finished uni. You really gonna fuck up your life cos of this dick? I know 3 years (or however long you have left) seams like a long time … especialy to put up with someone like that, but in thegrand sceam of thing’s it’s not that long.

Wouldn’t you much rather be a sucsessfull sciantist making bare cash in a really good job and then sticking up two fingers at the guy from a position he can’t say shit to you from?