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General Lighting;226472 wrote:
1. it is actually impossible to use a wok in a traditional Western style kitchen heated to a sufficient temperature to obtain huòqì (镬气) without coating a 1 metre radius in condensed grease

As this translates as “gas/air from round cooking pot” but also means the “spirit of a wok” its hardly surprising this happens as all that oil has to go somewhere (but now I will have to clean it up later :yakk:)

2. the workaround is of course to use a cooker extractor hood and open the window and they aren’t that expensive these days (£70 from Screwfix) but I can’t wire this in myself because of the fucking part P regs where i have to do a exam to prove I can do safely some of what I’ve been doing for the last 20 fucking years..:you_crazy

3. this is why oriental people cook outside, even in modernised countries like Malaysia. However British weather makes this difficult (I am working with one of my mates to see if there is a solution to this to get the “best of both cultures”). He even has the “food stealing jungle cat” that will test the security of any food storage methods :laugh_at:

you need a pergoda in your garden cover you from the rain and would look sweet 😉