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    General Lighting wrote:
    customer service with telcos is just as bad if not worse out there, except what normally happens is the Asian chap just rings his brother instead who works in IT and gets him to fix the problem instead :laugh_at:

    ROFL .. i know what you meen ..haha .. i have been put through to a billion or 2 people in one phone call b4 cos no one can help …if they can’t help the customers on the customer help line .. i dunno wtf people are gonna do lol:laugh_at:

    General Lighting wrote:
    you may of course think “why can’t we do it here?”, well we can but our greedy companies keep dumbing down and outsourcing so less and less youths want to learn about computers prepared to other nations..

    yeah i never thought about that … care to divolge a bit plz not quite sure exactly what you meen?

    General Lighting wrote:
    if you think about it it also means a lot of people (particularly women) are having to go out in to dodgy bits of town to work in the middle of the night because of the time difference.

    yeah some places in other contries at night make london manchester and any other rough areas in the uk look like a trip to trumpton:yakk:..all tho not if it’s bill bailys vertion of trip to trumpton :laugh_at: