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    DJCliffy wrote:
    Something that annoys me and i’m sure you lot as well is foreign call centers. Now i ain’t being a racist or a bigot or whatever the PC brigade would call me. But when i need to phone up a company when i need help and i get connected to someone who cannot speak a word of english it annoys the fuck out of me. last year i was having money troubles and a certain bank who shall remain nameless as they are cunts (Halifax) kept ringing me up about 6times a day and every single one of em was from a foreign call center and i couldn’t understand them at all, considering this was very important i found this to be quite cuntish! When i told the bank this they implied that i was a racist!!!! Un-fucking-believable!

    People, don’t listen to that man off the adverts, halifax are evil wankers who’ll fuck your lives up if you owe em money!!!

    yeah i know what you meen .. i rang up ntl to get my broad band fixed a while back .. and the first woman i spoke to was very helpfull asian woman .. alltho she couldn’t fix my problem i could understand her and that was fine .. after doing what she said and phoneing back in about 10 minits to finish off fixing my problem i got through to an asian guy who could hardly speak a work of english ..and was absolutly no help ..even as i knew by this point what was wrong as the other woman had explained it to me .. i just had to phone them back to finishesh off getting it fixed from there end … ..i ended up having to try and explain to the fooking guy what i needed him to do in order to fix it … and it took ages for summing that should of taken like 2 mins … it’s not rasism .. not even close … if that asian guy had a problem with his internet and i worked for the asian vertion of ntl ..we would of had exacly the same problems ..and his net would not of been fixed as easily as it could/should of been …. doesn’t make him a rasist for not understanding me any less/more than it does you or me understanding some one that can’t speak english … at the end of the day the companys want to have the smallest costs for them posible … eg. cheep labor … and will try and protect this so called “right” of theres by any means feasable blaming it on you ..or some one else ..all i can say is gready cunts tbh … i meen if any one is being racist its the companys that use over seas people to work for them because of cost cutting mesures there using them for personal gain due to the differances between english peoples wages and theres … now thats racial persicution if you ask me …