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    lilmstrixta wrote:
    good stuff hun dont let them grind you down, if you want a horror story on parents you should hear about my mum lol she is a witch and a half lol

    awww bless, yeah my mum can be abit annoying, but i’d rather talk to her anyday than my dad.

    like yesterday we was at the dinner table (rounded) and there was my mum, dad and me eating dinner………and my dad goes ”so has *me* got a job yet?” to my mum………..and my mum just goes ”oh ffs, hes sitting right their why don’t you ask him?”………….idiot! i hate him so much, and come to think of it, he really hasn’t done alot for me in my life, sad to say. i just hope i can get this science course done out of the way so when im at uni, i can really laugh at his face, saying ”yeh u thought i was useless and i cudnt do anything…….well im better than u now =) hehe”