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    @General Lighting 443813 wrote:

    I went to Catholic junior school briefly (around 1980/1981). It was full of scarey nuns, the main one was still there in 1994. But in summer 1980 we had to write some essay about what we had learned in the news – i wrote mine about the IRA and the Troubles and about all the bombs etc. This nun gave me 10/10 and said it was “grand” and my parents should be congratulated for letting me watch “grown up news” and not hiding the harsh realities of modern life from me like others do.

    if that had happened today I reckon my parents would habe been getting a visit from Social Services (and maybe even the Old Bill) instead 😉

    That’s cos in this day and age we are in a state of PC hysteria. I can’t wait for common sense to return to this land and the left wing idiots are thrown out in the street where they belong.