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    @MisterDuck 368038 wrote:

    yes they were. the UAF is not really fascist, i know what point you’re getting at though. that element comes from a dominance within UAF from the Socialist Workers Party, which unfortunately they kind-of nullify the “unite” part of it.

    if the UAF had any sense they will stay right out of this. that way people would see that it is one set of extremists, islam4uk, against another: EDL.

    This thing ain’t really got anything to do with the EDL, They’ve just jumped on the bandwagon tbh.

    They’re trying to hijack the issue by saying they’ll defend WB from the extremists. Of course they wouldn’t be allowed anywhere near it.

    I hope the UAF do denounce Islam4UKs proposed march. They truly seem to have a one sided view of what fascism really is. For them It seems only white English males can be fascist. :you_crazy