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I owe some money right and some stupid f*cking debt collection agency have been hassling me. They tried to threaten me saying i need to pay the exact remaining balance before 27th of dec. I had a right f*cking go at em saying it is xmas for fucks sake! They’re not having it but i’m like look if i could pay off the balance i f*cking would but obviously can’t afford it you stupid c*nts! God almighty what is wrong with these f*cking morons!

Also i pay a company to distribute my finances to pay stuff back. Apparently the collection agency were last paid in October. This is a bit dodge but i trust the company as they’ve never done me wrong before. I suspect the collection agency is trying to scare me as they’ve pulled this sort of shit before. C*nts! :head_bang

I desperately need to win the lottery. not so i can pay back the money owed but so i can hire a hitman and take out these twats. Why the f*ck do they bother me a few weeks before xmas, have they no souls the stupid motherf*ckers.

Feel much better now! :love: