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Tank Girl

    @extraslim 436632 wrote:

    What things have you done that you hated? No desire to do things that dont appeal 2bh.

    I have the kidney function of a 70 year old, high blood pressure and a resting pulse rate of about 110. So on lots of medication and will probably have a reduced life span with a lot of dialysis in the last years (how many years I have no idea). Going up to Kings College Hospital end of June to see the specialist so will find further detail then I guess. A bit worried I will find out my lifespan will be very significantly reduced but no point worrying till I have seen them. Depression wise I am okay at the moment doing my best to do the things I need to do. *shrugs* all a bit scary really

    Shit mate, so sorry to hear there permanent damage done. Hope they have some medical interventions at Kings that your local team are unaware of, glad the depression lifting :group_hug

    well.. I tried that shooting thing – not lazer but with gun things – picked up the gun – put it back down and just sat with my neice who thought that they were ‘real’ and didnt want to kill her dad.. bless, wait a few years I say :laugh_at:

    went skiing – not a hobby as far to fucking expensive- but some thing new – and i’m sure most peeps on here remember how i was not into it atall, and quite frankly terrified – but really enjoyed it alongside all the crying!!

    went bowling quite a few times – didnt like – mainly coz I’m shit and far too competitive!!

    Tried pottery – didnt like

    tried jive dancing lessons – like the music and look of it – but didnt like grabby hand men! to be honest – think I might give it a go again though

    and went to some ‘talks’ locally but met mainly weirdy people and felt a bit uncomfortable – have joined my local transition group
    Welcome | Transition Network but not managed to get to any talks yet

    loved the gym and boy was that a biggie for me – walking in there – but loved it

    also joined a local group who clean up streams and stuff – but that was a while ago and loved it

    am sure there loads of other stuff but cant remember at the mo- how about bumping your thread where you asked about hobbies and interests others did?