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    @DJCliffy 349604 wrote:

    OUCH OUCH OUCH, My fucking tooth WELL hurts. Roll on the 3rd Oct. Gonna have that sucker pulled. As much as i fear the dentist I’m well looking forward to it.


    You might want to modify ‘looking forward to it’ in the light of the information that it is illiegal to be out cold in a dentist’s chair. Therefore, u will require horrible injections :yakk::yakk::yakk:raaa.

    I am an individual who has a phobia of dentists u see :bounce_fl:bounce_g:

    And the other thing about these cnuts is that alot r private, and there is a phenomena ‘supplier induced demand’ whereby they do more work than medically required to generate more fees. Fancy a few more filling Cliffy ???