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@Shelly89 496699 wrote:

I hear you there!
I mean, I’ve been with my boyfriend for around 4 years now and he still doesn’t get it. I practically do everything for him. At first I did somethings because I was being nice because I loved him…. But now, I have to do it because that lazy ass fuck won’t get up to do a damned thing. He won’t clean, he won’t pick up after himself, he won’t go with me to the store to get HIS cigarettes, and now we have a baby and he won’t clean up for her own safety!!! He won’t take care of her or anything. He yells at her to shut up instead of feeding her or changing her diaper. And he expects me to go back to work and leave her with him.. alone?? WTF?!?!

Do you have womens refuge / social services in your area? this is an abusive relationship that you should be getting out of.