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    @p0ly 454631 wrote:

    the thing is though freeman say they abide by common law and not statutes, common law if i’m not mistaken involves violence.

    common law punishes unprovoked violence but allows violence in self defence or that of private property – however this can be interpreted in a number of ways.

    so just saying that a few freeman are naughty boys is just like people banging on about priest rapists.

    A fair amount of faith group leaders (of all faith groups from Christian to Pagan) have indeed been involved in sex abuse crimes, and have only recently been brought to justice. Again it doesn’t mean they are all like that (I’ve met many good religious folk TBH) but until the absolute power of these groups was diminished and they were not brought to scrutiny some were going unjudged and unpunished.

    Where the “idealism” of this “freeman” movement falls apart is (not unlike religion until recently) its stuck in the middle ages.

    It does not take into account modern social developments such as women being independent, multiculturalism and united groups of countries, and foolishly assumes that all men are like the original knights of medieval times, and so will be honourable and don’t need a central goverment to tell them how to ride their horses (or drive their cars), and that they need only pay taxes for what they agree with. (In fact knights had fairly robust riding lessons/tests and taxes existed in England since 1066).

    I can’t remember which Monty Python film it was where they were all knights but its not that dissimilar TBH – but not half as funny as decent people are also getting sucked in and just landing themselves in more shit.