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    @cozmic 453703 wrote:

    got into a rumble cos some drunken twat thought i was looking at his ‘bird’ and it kicked off. drunken stupidness. also my £70 hoody now has blood staines on it which wont seem to wash off.

    This is why I don’t do out in town much (other than to real ale pubs with older people – there if some big dude 3 times your size bumps into you on the way to the loo they say sorry (TBH I was impressed that he managed to fit into the corner of that bar at all – the only disadvantage of real ale is that you end up growing sideways – even my mate is trying to drink less as he is my height and about 2.5 times the weight)

    £70 for a hoody? I was tempted but I refused to buy a SITH on from Tinchy Stryders label as I thought £50 was excessive…