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General Lighting

    @mungo1972 438405 wrote:

    Hi General Lighting ,
    Those were the days eh , these days its follow the police van and watch out for the beam of light from the police helicopter :-O … nice of the police to add to the atmosphere i think lol …….not exactly mood lighting though is it .


    the cops would always send the heli out to raves even 10-15 years ago and for this reason tried not to use the light as they knew it would be providing a beacon to the rave – until Airwave came along I’d just use my scanner and when the control room gave out the grid reference to the cops if we weren’t at the party already we’d use it as a locator as well :laugh_at:

    one big reason why 90s/2000s raves rarely got busted in summer is the VHF radios the cops then used picked up French and other foreign telly soundtracks and the cops couldn’t go in without good comms because of health and safety rules..