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    @harr!et 416456 wrote:

    i like facebook because i can easily keep in contact with people but.. meh. not too bothered that alice is going on a bike ride and mike is washing his car. 😐

    yep can’t see the point of that TBH at least not at the dumbed down detail of FB –

    I think its fair enough if Alice put up a proper blog post with photos of all the interesting things she saw on her bike ride, or even if Mike starts a online discussion about the best way to clean alloy wheels, or stuff about his car…

    I can see why people use it to stay in contact but there’s a huge hidden cost especially if you are a bit older and want to keep your professional and leisure time separate – although my real name is a very common Chinese one so people insist they have found me on there even though I don’t use it and they are instead looking at the profile of some random Chinaman :laugh_at: (whats even more confusing is some of them do look a bit like me and also work in IT/telecoms or healthcare :laugh_at:)