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    @manaman 414781 wrote:

    Reading the local papers in galway would make you afraid to leave your house yet i rarely seen any violence around town,yes we have gangbangers around here but keep away from them, theres lots of nice places and people around hackney

    the same applies everywhere (I go out 26 miles to friends in the country where livestock and poultry outnumber people and some folk are still paranoid about crime) but its the right of a free press everywhere to report bad news, particularly crime – not some conspiracy to keep us all down.. not everyone gets fearful from the papers, often its reporting bad news what makes folk do something about it..I feel strongly about this as my extended family come from a country where bad news was suppressed for many years by state controlled media, I also see a lot of alternative movements try and hide bad news with false optimism..

    In this town when working girls started disappearing here and folk started causing excessive violence in town it was reporting the bad news and unearthing the seedier side of the night time economy what made not just feds/authorities do their job (and catch the murderer quickly) but the entire community come together and do something positive about it… yes, it meant reining in some aspects of nightlife but it had to be done..