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    i was talking about the uk not just london, and stop calling it londonistan nor is it filthy or all that dangerous.

    I’m British Asian and proud of it – I don’t use the term Londonistan in a racist way – I use the term still because in reality there are still loads of gangs of warlords trying to run their turf, including the Met Police, and they often clash.

    Yes the capital is not as dangerous as somewhere like Lesotho or even Moscow or Belgrade today, its probably even safer than Paris, and even Amsterdam is blighted by youth violence but compared to other parts of the UK there is more violent crime. And provided someone older doesn’t try to live like a old gangster or tries to be the hard man all the time less of it is targeted at those at the end of youth/start of middle age, but my younger friends from there have told me some fucking horrendous stories.

    Ipswich is also really multicultural, and actually has far less trouble and lots of people from many different backgrounds getting on with one another and doing positive stuff. Maybe theres got less “fun” nightlife stuff (mostly because foolish people from the capital came up here to fire guns!) and maybe more coppers sticking their nose in but its a price worth paying for stability.

    And London still scores lower than many other EU cities on cleanliness and air quality..

    London, the dirty man of Europe | Simon Birkett | Comment is free |

    As for the issue with being overtaxed to get on the train, this is because for 20 years the majority of people voted for pro-market and pro-privatisation – and they are now reaping what they sow. People think Richard Branson is “better/cooler” than an elected government / public sector. in other EU nations even if they’ve voted for centre-right parties there isn’t this rush to privatise everything, seems like an English disease in many respects.

    Democratic governments can’t “confiscate” private property without paying a fair market value for it unless they can prove in Court there has been criminal activity – in this country missing a project deadline is not a criminal offence, or half the IT industry would be in jug… And at every point when a government nationalises something today they are subject to legal challenge (like the Railtrack shareholders – they lost but a lot of our money was spent on lawyers)

    Maybe our parents believed thatcho’s lies but a lot of us are grown ups, over voting age. Our generation now has the balance of power.

    Do you actively support social democratic parties which strike a decent balance between enterprise and public good, and do you seek out environmentally friendly methods of transport when you can? if not, complaining and protesting isn’t worth shit in the end, especially when as flawed as they are both private business and public organisations in London andf elsewhere are trying to make some improvement.

    Like it or not, “autonomous anarchist communities” aren’t going to be capable of getting the capital to build train networks or deal with the rules and punctuality required, they struggle to keep a bicycle workshop running….