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this was a fairly common thing to do at junior school age. Usually it happened at just before age 10 which is the age of criminal responsibility in England (its 8 in Scotland!)

its possible (though unlikely) the school kept the second set or they may have planned used them for a project where they show how prints are lifted. most likely they would have been shredded later as even then it would be a controversial thing to do.

I doubt the cops or schools back then really had the resources to store a useful set of fingerprints of an entire junior school’s worth of kids – even today (human rights implications aside) they’d struggle with this!

what I do remember from high school days is when cops/schools/social services wanted a school file on somebody they just asked and got it. None of todays politically correct “data protection” laws, the info was just handed straight over, and “trouble makers” were clearly monitored right from junior school to high school and beyond – I suspect some of this info was also passed on to colleges/unis and employers! This might only have been happened in the area where I then lived (Berkshire) but the irony was there was less privacy back then but not the surveillance technology.