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    @MisterDuck 368040 wrote:

    hmmm. i’m not convinced. maybe i’m thinking principles instead of pragmatism, but then i don’t often believe in an end justifying the means.

    its got to the point where you have to be pragmatic, beyond what yours or my personal principles are.

    Even if we totally disagree with the war or the concept of it we are all morally obliged to support the troops as however flawed the battle plan is we are responsible for putting them there. Simply by existing in a modern oil hungry consumer society, and especially in a hedonistic group like the drugs/rave culture what encourages travel by car or plane on a whim we are all as guilty of fuelling this bitter war without end as all the politicians and business owners we claim to despise.

    We also need to keep our country and community relatifvely safe, and mobs of people going around fighting each other whatever their reasons simply isn’t acceptable, whether its bitter racial/religious conflicts or 6 lads in a local shopping centre.

    There is no bright side here, not until the war ends, our troops come back and community cohesion returns to even a fraction of what it was 10 years ago. It may permanently damage our country, and even our own local communities, but such is the cost of war.

    I appreciate its hard to deal with as none of our generations have had a global war in our lifetimes – especially one where the enemy has managed to brainwash citizens of their opponents to carry out terrorism on home ground instead of easily repelled conventional invasion techniques.

    I’d suggest if you have older relatives who are prepared to talk about the war and how they coped talk to them (I do appreciate many are now unwell and no longer want to remember as flashbacks exacerbate illnesses such as dementia) – failing that visit your library when you can and check out the local studies section.

    if you don’t think the war is “that bad” consider that most of the dead UK soldiers and taliban all have young kids, in 10 years time a lot of them kids might be joining their nations army to avenge the death of their parents. if the war has stopped (there is no guarantee of this) these youths will still want their revenge. I think the UK only really collectively stopped hating Germans about 10-20 years ago and even recently (2006) a German family in Newcastle was forced out of their home with wartime taunts!