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    @mungo1972 406638 wrote:

    Hi 1984 ,
    LOL , sounds like you having a nightmare with that douvet . Wheres the warmist part of the house ? you got an airing cupboard ? or a big radiator . If all else fails put a cover on it and sleep in it , the body heat will dry it a bit over night . Now i reckon you should get your girl friend over as she stained it to sleep init to . Infact the more bodies the better , so orgy at 1984’s tonight lol

    ps im full of useless ideas lol

    lol its all good its over the door and the house is warm so will only be a day or 2 I would guess, will keep turning it over and what not. The duvet is bigger than the airing cupboard.

    an orgy sounds terribly messy and I have only just finished the house work!