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    Raj;314964 wrote:
    If the child is constantly being neglected maybe you should notify social services? He may be at risk of more than neglect and thats what the social work departments are actually for.

    It does make me angry when people treat their children like this :hopeless:

    yeh mate in an ideal world the social would have the kids off this and other neglecting parents. trouble is, here anyway, there are so few foster places available that neglect is downgraded as a priority with most of the places going to physical or sexual abuse. social are very reluctant to put a kid in a home cause its not good for the kid and also places are limited. lots of the kids round here have social workers, including the one i was talking about. in fact every member of that family has their own social worker. the emphasis is on support within the home envirnoment. she even had a couple of social workers come and take her kids to school each day for several months.
    i don’t know though…. is it better to have a skank whore as a mother or get brought up in a childrens home? its a tough one. either way the kid is robbed of a childhood.