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    @Tank Girl 380718 wrote:

    it gets like that sometime josh

    do you think you’ll have em done in time? :group_hug

    yeahhh. been a bit of an issue for the past 16 years really :laugh_at:. difference is im now no longer obliged to be there. so its sort of my fault really, but its actually quite difficult to motivate myself. its sort of like my body has subliminally decided when it wants to work so i just leave it to it. i doubt ill get em all done by tomorrow morning, but i think, if i play it tactically, i can get away with doing just two, and blag away the rest :wink:. :love: im not trying to be cheeky, or do bare minimum. its just now seems to, finally, be the time where something will allow myself to write essays

    I’m moaning as gonna have to leave my lovely tomorrow and not see him for 2 weeks, and working 9 days straight from wed 😥 another weekend where I cant come out to play, but it pays the rent I guess……

    :(. that rather sucks, but money is money 🙂 do you find it quite physically exhausting, 9 days? thats almost two full working weeks, without the weekend.
    @p0ly 380719 wrote:

    tell me about it josh

    i have come to the conclusion that if you are unmotivated you are doing the wrong thing and must change direction (slightly) until you find a motivating subject. then recycle its energy until that is also lost in due to a slight lack of efficiency in the human aura – (HbAR may provide accurate prediction result from preceding equation)