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@kiwifruit 436614 wrote:

My partners sisters have a strong intolerance to perfume in products. (One has to carry an injection) We buy nonscented washing powder so that your clothes dont set them off. Maybe while your stressed try using some non scented stuff like from the “Simple” range that you can buy at boots and other places.

oh that might be a good idea.. i use simple mousturizer at the moment. i can’t get away from the smells of people cooking though. non-scented washing powder might be a good idea because it gets worse when i’m laying in bed and the smell of the fabric conditioner in the covers hurts the worst so when i nap cos i’m tired i just wake up with a massive headache.

and GL – hmm maybe people never really tend to realize when they’re stressed. i feel generally quite happy though, not like depressed and all stressy. i just worry alot.