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    @joshd96320 349026 wrote:


    my amp just blew up..

    actually, i am no longer annoyed. and i shouldnt have been, why get annoyed just makes things worse

    instead, well this explains it..

    Sound has come, sound has gone, but the rave will go on foreverrrrrr
    (my adaptation of a kinks quote)

    new amp soon when i sell my kidneys, and some other stuff

    never give up without a fight! i will come back with this amp repaired AND a new amp, twice the power biatchesss

    @DJCliffy 349034 wrote:

    Since going to the hospital yesterday to have my (bad) tooth looked at and i’ve been in fucking agony ever since.

    It well hurts now, It’s almost like it knows it’s about to be yanked out. Got a whole month to wait until the procedure.

    Gonna be a long painful month if this pain continues, 😥

    good luck :group_hug