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    @General Lighting 435265 wrote:

    @extraslim – the way life is these days its not at all uncommon to end up with most of your friends being online. Even though I have a fair few real life friends working means I don’t always get to see them (and they are busy too..)

    If I still lived where I used to I would have cycled over to visit you at some point and have a chat, its only about 26 miles from my old house and I used to regularly do that route to get to raves..

    I just find it hard to count people I talk mostly crap to on a rave forum as the kind of friendship that means much. Its nice to have people to talk to who have a brain. But it doesn’t feel like any kind of real friendship. But then again I dont feel much of a bond with few people I have known since school either so god knows.