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@General Lighting 421208 wrote:

crashed yesterday evening. was riding up to a meeting at the college, and the path by the docks is atrocious.

There are left over train lines from the docks (despite this side of the cargo train line having been decomissioned for over 25 years and the rails from the station being removed).

I somehow managed to catch my back wheel in one, and end up being put on my arse. Worse, I ended up being ducked in a very large puddle which when I hit the ground.

it must have been fairly spectacular as two lads in hoodies looked visibly shocked, asked if I was OK and even rescued the lens of my rear light bar on my rack – this is totally fucked, and they are hard to get in England, I will have to get a new one imported from NL or DE…

Thankfullly me and the rest of my bike are OK (other than the chain being dumped off the ring which is a hassle to get back on with a chainguard) – I am only slightly bruised and scraped. I managed to waddle to my meeting at the college and all the cyclists there gave me some sympathy as nearly everyone has gone over on these train lines at one point, yet no one will remove them as apparently they still belong to Network rail who will ask for money if they are moved :rant;

ouch sorry to hear that mate glad you and the bike are not too badly damanged. Will it cost you much to fix?