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    My rant for today. Indian call centres. I ain’t knocking the people who work there, fair play to em, they got a job and i got respect for that.

    However, when i wish to talk about something as serious as my phone contract, i do not wish to talk to someone who i can’t understand or who can’t understand me!!!!!

    I just want to talk to a fucking ENGLISHMAN or WOMAN or someone from the fucking UK!!!

    That phone business yesterday went wrong just as i feared, got a text informing me that they can’t go through with it and that i have to contact my provider.

    I contacted them, told the operator what was wrong and started going over loads of shit, had to repeat myself a number of times and ask him to. He then said ok i’ll have to phone you back and this was about three hours ago.

    It takes the piss though, why the hell do we put up with this bullshit. I just want to talk to someone i can understand, is that too much to ask for?