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    @MisterDuck 367871 wrote:

    With all due respect the two things go hand-in-hand, that’s relatively obvious. They play off against each other.

    If people think Islamic extremism is actually a significant threat and will achieve any political or social change in Britain, they need to stop reading/watching reactionary populist media.

    There’s a handful of people acting like cunts, admittedly, but it’s a handful. They are not going to achieve anything but more support for the far-right. The media condemns the BNP on one hand then does it’s best to aggravate the very arguments which persuade impressionable people to vote them.

    Not a significant threat???? I’m sorry ducky but where have you been these last 10 years? it only took a so called handful to destroy the twin towers and bomb the underground. Not to mention countless other atrocities. :crazy:

    Islamic Extremists are a major threat to our way of life. They don’t give a fuck about politics. All they care about is jihad and i’m sorry but i’ve had enough of em now.