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    @PhilKmorgan 351323 wrote:

    You might want to modify ‘looking forward to it’ in the light of the information that it is illiegal to be out cold in a dentist’s chair. Therefore, u will require horrible injections :yakk::yakk::yakk:raaa.

    I am an individual who has a phobia of dentists u see :bounce_fl:bounce_g:

    And the other thing about these cnuts is that alot r private, and there is a phenomena ‘supplier induced demand’ whereby they do more work than medically required to generate more fees. Fancy a few more filling Cliffy ???

    I’m having it done at the hospital. Having a local as well so I’ll be awake but completely out of it!

    A mate at work had the same procedure and said he didn’t remember nothing, just had the injection and then came to.

    Plus even at the dentists i got dental insurance so i get the money back. 😉