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    GrassChopper;266981 wrote:
    Fallout 3 keeps crashing my Xbox… I’ve only played it for about 2 hours and all it’s given me is shit and annoyance, not addictive fun like I was expecting… I don’t even think its that good a game atm, and I LOVED Oblivion 😥

    The slo-mo bullshit gets old VERY fast and trying to kill things without it is just annoying. Also, I don’t care if its “only” a pistol, you don’t need 6 headshots to take someone down! Fucking crappypooperamabullshit :wtf:

    Keep at it, it does get better, How far into it all you? FO3 has crashed my xbox on occasion as well. just gotta remember to save perodically. 😉