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    General Lighting;225227 wrote:
    the only employers with any control over their staffs personal finances are the Police (because of trust/integrity/discipline issues) and maybe those in frontline Whitehall departments with enforcement roles.

    AFAIK if your contract does not specifically state your place of employment may include London your employers cannot reasonably expect you to regularly travel there without providing expenses or a salary advance

    Even then when I had to go to London or anywhere else when working in the Civil Service they would reimburse me for travel expenses.

    If your employer however is trying to pull you up for “spending your money inappropriately” they should either have the guts to say this or forget it, unless its in a clause of your contract (and even then this would be of dubious legalilty) private sector employers have no right to dictate how you spend your personal cash.

    I think he’s just a horrible cunt and doesn’t like others enjoying themselves. I’m gonna tell him that i accept the disciplinary and that for my witness, i want his boss there. See how he likes them apples!! :weee:

    (We are meant to get floats for travel etc but we’ve never received one)