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    MisterDuck, the point I am trying to get across is that the Media are not responsible for these people. There is a world that takes place out of media. I rarely read newspapers, so I don’t know, all I know is that I have an opinion regardless of what the media says about there opinions, people can make up there own minds. I know that they are partly doing it for media attention, but they are still doing it. They are still going to march through a town, spouting there idealogical codshit. It will be a news story, only because it is happening.

    Mr Duck I dont really read newspapers, my news input is the BBC news. Sad I know but this is my little input!

    I don’t care if this is correct by your views or not but as I don’t have all the time in the world to review peoples comments on the free party situation I don’t care but it is how I feel.

    Our country is in a state. What the fuck am I supposed to do? I want to help, give me ways that I can help and do something for the raving community and I will try the hardest I can whatever ….

    I do feel though we could be fighting for a lost cause as I feel the whole free party ideal is no longer what it was when I first started raving.

    I maybe wrong, please correct me!!! But the idea of a free party for me is for like minded folk getting together somewhere/anywhere that doesn’t cause disturbance to the locals and to dance your asses off until the rig goes home. We dont want to upset or offend anyone! All we want to do is dance to music!!!!!

    Some of my best nights out have involved travelling half the country with shit directions written on cases of beer/ fag packets, passenger window etc. but we will get to the party in the end… hundreds of miles travelled but the end is worth it.

    I personally belive the party ethos needs to be considered, honestly how many of you go to parties to make a quick buck?

    We dont need you we can all stomp and enjoy ourselves fine!!

    If you just answered yeas, FUCK OFF we dont need you…